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Ways of installation of windows:

• Standard installation (with turbo screws and polyurethane foam)
• Installation of the embedded doorjamb
• RAL installation

Installation of the embedded doorjamb

• We install the windows install on the building after the completion of construction works. This avoids mechanical damage to the window.
• Before the installation of windows, the building is dry well, in order to avoid any damage during the installation of windows, which may be the consequences of excessive humidity.
• Embedded doorjamb provides additional insulation of window reveals from the outside. In this way the additional savings in energy consumption is ensured, and consequently the harmful impact on the environment is reduced.
• Deadline for making of embedded doorjamb is short and it enables smooth execution of masonry.

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RAL installation is the most advanced system of the installation of joinery in masonry openings according to examples of performance in the "Installation guidelines" RAL Quality Association, or according to the technical regulations.
According to testing, the installed joinery with RAL water resistant and vapour permeable strips have shown that:

• element at the connection with the wall is water resistant
• element at the connection with the wall is wind resistant
• condensation passes in case of polyurethane foam on the inside and outside (the inter space is dry)
• prevents the formation of mould, mildew, rot



There are two options to carry out RAL installation of joinery:

• The first option is to stick external and internal RAL strips on the doorjamb before the very assembly in order to stick tapes to the reveals to after the installation in the masonry opening tape. In this case, the tape keeps polyurethane foam from deterioration.
• Another option is to stick expanding tape on the frame before installation (across the whole width of frame), which will, after approximately 30min after the installation, expand and fill the inter space between the wall and joinery. This tape replaces polyurethane foam and RAL tapes, and is most commonly used during the reconstruction of objects (were reveals are not processed after the dismantling the old windows).

The system of functioning of RAL installation is:
1. External tape is stuck to doorjamb and the reveals thus creating to resistance to wind and rain on the connections (to 600 PA)
2. A middle section in which the polyurethane foam is located has a function of thermal insulation, as well as of sound insulation if you use specific types of polyurethane foam.
3. Internal tape has a function of vapour permeability to pass the possible moisture occurring in the middle layer into internal layer (in the room).

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