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Održavanje drvene stolarije



• According to the specifications water-based varnishes are used for surface-elements.
• The windows and doors are high quality construction elements. They are specially protected and covered for the duration of construction works, especially during the spraying. Impurities are removed immediately. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents.
• In the second year following the installation , to check permanently elastic connection between the wood and glass to sealing and, if necessary, to repair it. The coating on the south and southeast side is checked and, if necessary, subsequently treated.
• In the third year following the installation, if necessary, the cleaning of the outer surface is done, gently sanding and coat with one layer of material used during surface treatment.
• If wood is exposed to strong UV radiation or extreme weather, accordingly wood surface has to be controlled even earlier and if necessary treated as described above.
• In the fifth year following the installation, it is necessary to repeat the surface treatment as described in point 4, if necessary, also on the inside.
• Further surface treatments should be done according to the mentioned intervals in the following years.

Please pay attention to our recommended intervals of renovations.



While inspecting the surface treatment it is also necessary to check the sealing (silicone) and, if necessary, repair it. This point applies to all connections of glass filled by silicone.


All hardware parts are lubricated. Impurities formed during installation are eliminated by a company which carries out the installation. In this case, the function parts are treated with fine machine oil. During the further course of time these functioning parts are lightly lubricated every two years.


When doing the plastering it is necessary to cover not grind near the glass. Subsequently found scratches, damage from sparks or use of force are not grounds for any complaints. Agents with aggressive ingredients or scouring powders must not be used for cleaning. The same applies to wood surfaces.

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