Get to know the quality of FAGUS interior doors that enrich the home

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Interior doors really come to the fore when you choose the ones that, in addition to all the above, also aesthetically complement your home. All models of FAGUS interior doors, from massive, veneered, to MDF doors, are characterized by long-lasting, top-notch functional and aesthetic quality, as well as a reasonable price, which is why they are the perfect solution for every home.

Masivna sobna vrata.

The massive room doors stand out with their unique quality of materials and precise workmanship down to the smallest detail. Unlimited solid wood design possibilities from which massive room doors are made, will make your space unique, filling it with warmth and comfort of living. Solid wooden room doors have excellent sound insulation, can be made of different types of wood and are certainly the best choice when choosing a room door.

Furnirana sobna vrata.

Veneered interior doors are also characterized by exceptional quality and aesthetically refined finishing. The leaf frame is made of solid wood and is covered with two MDF coatings. This type of interior door is covered with natural veneer, and the filling structure consists of a stabilizing layer of “honeycomb” or perforated plywood. Thanks to the large selection of veneers, as well as the possibility of combining them, veneered room doors are a suitable solution for all types of styles when decorating the interior.

Medijapan sobna vrata.

MDF interior door is the universal solution for all needs. MDF is a medium-thick fiberboard made of fir / spruce with the addition of polymer resins whose surface is sanded on both sides. With its homogeneous and fine structure, MDF door differ from plywood and are also denser. MDF is more resistant to humidity, it can be processed like wood, in the traditional way. Most interior doors today are made of MDF. They are stable, smooth and suitable for painting, and can fit into a variety of interiors.