Sliding doors

The comfort and convenience of living is improving every day, so sliding doors are an unavoidable part of modern architectural structures. They are the ideal solution for connecting the space with nature, in addition to their functionality and aesthetics, they give the space a lot of natural light, and the tenants an exceptional feeling of connection with the environment and unobstructed access to the terrace. Depending on the wishes of customers, we offer sliding lifting, sliding tilting and accordion sliding doors.

Lift sliding doors

Lift and slide doors are suitable for narrow and confined spaces when you want to make the most of the space in your home. They usually have large glass surfaces that provide a particularly pleasant atmosphere in a room. The advantages of lift and slide doors compared to other sliding systems are the ease of opening and closing and the possible size of the leaf.

Tilt sliding doors

The advantages of a sliding slope wall are a wide exit to the terrace or balcony and the possibility of opening to the statue, which allows easy ventilation of the room. With a sliding slope, you can enjoy rooms full of light, high stability, superior design and excellent thermal insulation.

Accordion sliding doors

Harmo doors are a combination of functionality, aesthetics and the overall warmth of the home or business space in which you live. Harmo doors complement everything that ordinary materials (brick, concrete, wood) cannot shape aesthetically enough.