The advantages of a sliding door are a wide exit to the terrace or balcony and the possibility of opening on the statue, which allows ventilation of the room. The Wood-Alu sliding door is made according to a unique principle: on the inside, wood that creates a feeling of naturalness and warmth, on the outside, an aluminum coating that protects from the weather. With Wood-Alu sliding wall you can enjoy rooms full of light, high stability, superior design and excellent thermal insulation. The maximum width of the elements is 1.65 m

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Technical characteristics

Line Premium
Material Laminated wood (spruce, larch, white pine, oak and meranti), aluminum cladding
Glass IZO LOW argon 4+16+4+16+4 LOW argon
Thermal insulation Uw =1.0 W/m2K
Hinge GU (four sides)
Profile IV 68 mm