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The high level of tightness of your new windows reduces the passing of outdoor and indoor air. In every home there are many sources of moisture such as the kitchen and the bathroom where there is lot of water vapour, indoor plants and even the man is the source of moisture. Humidity in the spaces mainly appears in the lower part of the window as the so-called condensation. This can lead to increased humidity of walls, damage to mortar and floor. It is necessary to ventilate during the day as often as possible (at least 5 minutes). This short period of ventilation consumes relatively little heat, but effectively replaces the humid air.




With regular lubrication (at least 1x annually) of all functionally important parts of the wing and the frame the easy operation of your hardware is provided, and the durability is ensured. Security elements of closing require the regular lubrication to ensure its function. In addition, it is necessary to check also the base of screws. Unscrewed screws should be immediately tightened or changed.

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