Fontana, Sfinga, Lasta, Mart, Portun

classic style

Wooden doors have always been part of Fagus. It is with this amazing material that our company has made its first steps. Solid wood doors combined with glass have followed the growth of our company. Searching, with strong love and passion for this material, we got an extraordinary products.


Drvena vrata Fontana


Drvena vrata Sfinga


Drvena vrata Lasta


Drvena vrata Mart


Drvena vrata Portun


The entrance door is made of laminated elements, which achieves the highest possible stability and resistance to deformations and cracks. We make them in profiles of 68mm, 78 mm and 90 mm. We have a large selection of tree species: spruce, fir, white pine, larch, oak and mahogany.


For 68 mm profiles, double glazing IZO Low 4 + 16 + 4 Argon is standard. By choosing the 78 mm and 90 mm profiles, it is possible to install other combinations of double and triple glass in accordance with your requirements, with a maximum thickness of up to 44 mm.


The sealing is double. EPDM sealants are used which have good resistance to temperature differences and are resistant to acrylic coatings.


Standard version of locks with 5 locks, optional safety fittings and anti panic locks. At your request, we can install a lock with a biometric fingerprint reader.

Surface protection

The product is surface treated with biocidal protection, one intermediate layer and a final varnish. Water-based ECO varnishes are used.