FAGUS has a wide range of window system profiles for both renovations and brand new buildings. We offer windows made of the following materials: wood, wood-aluminum, PVC and aluminum. The products differ in energy efficiency, sound insulation, environmental friendliness and design. They were created to meet the individual requirements of clients.

Wood windows

Wood windows provide a feeling of warmth and comfort in a home. Thanks to the numerous options in choosing the colors, shapes, fittings and types of wood, the windows can be adapted to clients’ wishes. By choosing different thicknesses of wooden profiles and glass with different characteristics, wood windows meet all market conditions.

Wood / Aluminium windows

Wood – aluminum windows are a perfect blend of modern and traditional. The wood inside makes the interior warm and cozy, while the aluminum outside makes the exterior modern and long-lasting. It is an ideal choice for both business and residential buildings.

PVC windows

PVC windows are easy to maintain, durable and economical. Our range of windows from the PVC line successfully meets all the needs of modern buildings. The German KÖMMERLING quality profile is used in the production.

Aluminium windows

ALUMINUM windows are the right choice if you are looking for longevity, strength and great possibilities when designing. They are gaining an increasing role in today’s construction because, thanks to their intelligent technology, they meet the most demanding requirements for thermal and sound insulation.