FIT 76 AD achieves outstanding values: Uf = 1.1 W/m2K. In combination with high-quality functional glazing, FIT 76 provides optimal sound insulation. 5-chamber system, where the chambers are designed on the basis of the latest calculation methods to ensure high values of thermal and sound insulation, and optimal stability and strength of the profile to stably hold even the heaviest glazing. A large range of glazing, from 48 mm to triple glazing or special glazing.

Double sealing, the seals made of EPDM material are used that have good resistance to temperature differences and are resistant to acrylic coatings. Optimally designed metal reinforcements enable perfect window statics. By gluing, the fixed glazing include three components “leaf • glue • glass” in a composite structure. Aluminum coating of the FIT 76 system gives you the best of both worlds: an elegant aluminum design with a basically unlimited color palette, and optimal insulation values of modern PVC windows.

Technical characteristics

Number of chambers5-chamber system
Profile width76mm
GlassIZO LOW Argon 4+16+4+16+4 LOW Argon
Thermal insulationUw = 0,76 W/m2K
Surface treatmentUni foils, foils with wood decor, aluminum linings