modern style

The COMPLANARE front doors are a combination of wood and aluminum and are designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of architecture. Aluminum armor is placed on the outside of the window and wood is on the inside. This is an ideal choice for all environments with style, without sacrificing the comfort that only wood can provide. We produce front doors in two systems – COMPLANARE and ERMETIC 5000S.


Ulazna vrata COMPLANARE


Ulazna vrata COMPLANARE


Ulazna vrata COMPLANARE


Ulazna vrata COMPLANARE


Wood + aluminum. We make them in 68mm and 78mm profiles. We have a large selection of tree species: spruce, fir, white pine, larch, oak and mahogany.


For 68 mm profiles, IZO Low 4 + 16 + 4 Argon double glazing is standard. By selecting the 78 mm profile, it is possible to install other combinations of double and triple glass in accordance with your requirements, with a maximum thickness of up to 36 mm.


The sealing is double. EPDM sealants are used which have good resistance to temperature differences and are resistant to acrylic coatings.


Security fittings. At your request, we can install a lock with a biometric fingerprint reader.

Surface protection

The wood is surface treated with biocidal protection, with two intermediate layers and two coats of finishing varnish, all joints are specially protected. Aluminum protection is done by anodizing and plasticizing.