classic style

For a home that strives for elegance.

HELA is not a simple door, but a choice of style for your home, a sophisticated addition to the interior that sublimates the spirit of nature through the interior elegance of the material. A door line in which the harmony of shapes and a high level of finishing provide a warm feeling of comfort.


Vrata Hela

Smart 7

Vrata Hela


Vrata Hela


Vrata Hela


Vrata Hela


Vrata Hela


The stems are made of laminated wood elements. If desired, they can be covered with two MDF coatings and pre-coated with a selected type of natural veneer.

Trimming strips

The edging strips are made of solid wood or MDF. If desired, they can be coated with a selected type of natural veneer. They can be rounded – Softline or flat – Classic.

Wing frame and infill

The frame and sash filling are made of solid wood. If desired, the sash can be covered with two MDF coverings and covered with a selected type of natural veneer.


Sealing is single, seals made of EPDM material are used, which have good resistance to temperature differences and are resistant to acrylic coatings.


The hardware is standard – a lock with a key, a handle and three plate couplings. If desired, we can install hidden hinges and a magnetic lock on the door.

Surface protection

The product is surface treated with a final varnish, all joints are specially protected. Water-based ECO varnishes are used.