The Zero window is built according to a unique principle: wood on the inside, which creates a feeling of naturalness and warmth, and aluminum coating on the outside, which protects from the weather. Profile IV 78 from the Premium line is made of laminated elements, thus achieving the highest possible stability and resistance to deformation and cracks. The Complanare window is glazed with triple glazed glass IZO Low 4+16+4+16+4 Low Argon, but it is possible to install other combinations of triple glazed glass according to your wishes. Triple sealing, the seals made of EPDM material are used that have good resistance to temperature differences and are resistant to acrylic coatings.

Prozor ZERO 78

Tilt and turn hinges from top, world-class manufacturers make it easy to open windows horizontally and vertically. The product’s surface is treated with biocidal protection, with two inter-layers and two layers of lacquer finish, all joints are separately protected. Water-based ECO lacquers are used.