Installation and service


FAGUShaus takes care of all installation activities to ensure the integrity and perfectly correct installation of our windows and doors. Our installation management method allows you to inspect whether all elements are working and if they meet the requirements. From the very beginning of the design process, our technicians and engineers follow quality and production standards, making it easy to install windows and doors quickly and efficiently in the wall opening. FAGUShaus window and door installation method provides sound and thermal insulation, humidity resistance, safety, functionality and static stability for installed windows and doors.


In addition to the delivery of FAGUShaus windows and doors, the customer is provided with instructions for use and guidelines in case of necessary assistance after the purchase. We guarantee that our products will be repaired each time by professional personnel to ensure that they are fully functional. Book the necessary service directly, contact our customer service on 051 320 132. You will receive an answer to your request for help as soon as possible.