Roller garage doors

Roller doors are the ideal solution for entering your garage, business facilities or production hall. They are also the right solution to protect larger glass surfaces in your business facilities. They are characterized by easy installation, high reliability and aesthetic appeal. The 77 x18 mm slats are filled with non-flammable polyurethane material, which makes them excellent thermal and sound insulation. They do not take up much space during installation. Up to a height of 270 cm they are rolled in a 30×39 cm case, and over 270 cm in a 35×35 cm case. We make them in three colors: brown, white and gray.

The basic installation option is with electric motor and remote controls. It is interesting to note that this electric motor has the possibility of manually opening the door in case of power failure. There are also options with a key-lock, push-button switch or manual option without electric motor with gearbox. Doors are made and installed in accordance with the required dimensions.