Wood Laminated wood windows and doors


Wood is not just one of the most resistant, elegant and functional materials that nature offers to meet our needs. Its surface, color and its scent, and the touch itself enchant our emotions. It remains a living material, although it may be centuries old. That is why its presence in all architectural spaces always achieves a harmonious and exciting aesthetic result.

FAGUSHAUS wooden windows and doors provide incredible beauty, warmth and design flexibility with superior thermal insulation. In the wood and aluminum combination, the warmth of the wood on the inside allows for a comfortable stay in the home while the aluminum on the outside allows for easy maintenance and permanent protection.


Euro block (wood without defects)

Drvo bez greške

Wood without defects Euroblock is a product created as a result of constant optimization of our production process. Short pieces without defects (lamellae) are galvanized (serrated) and joined lengthwise, and then planed and pressed into a block of 3 or more layers. When joining the layers, the radial and semi-radial structure of the wood is combined, this achieves the greatest possible stability and resistance to deformations and cracks.

When cutting the lamellae, the defects on the wooden elements are laser-read. The lamellae are then cut and defects removed, so that the lamellas from which the euro block is made are free of any irregularities. We make Euro block from the following types of wood: spruce, fir, white pine, larch, oak, meranti and mahogany.