Clean leaf and frame design with perfect profile proportions and a slim profile, for maximum light and more solar energy. Highly insulating 7-chamber system with medium seal and installation depth of 88 mm. A large range of glazing, from 24-56 mm enables the use of special glazing. Three levels of sealing – with centrally placed middle thermal seal – additionally secure against heavy rain, provide optimal airtightness and perfect sound insulation, up to 48 dB.

Innovative leaf rebate seal reduces air movement by thermal induction in the leaf rebate and thus provides excellent thermal insulation. Easy to use and maintain through the position of the window hinge in the protected zone behind the middle thermal seal. Safe installation through structurally perfectly prepared connections for interior and exterior window sills and additional profiles. Thermal conductivity coefficient for the single leaf window OZD, dimensions 1230×1480 mm, with triple glazed glass IZO Low 4+16+4+16+4 Low Argon is Uw = 0.86 W/m2K.

Technical characteristics

Number of chambers7-chamber system
Profile width88mm
GlassIZO LOW Argon 4+16+4+16+4 LOW Argon
Thermal insulationUw = 0,86 W/m2K
Surface treatmentUni foils, foils with wood decor, aluminum linings