Insect screens

Fixed and roller insect screens

Insect screens (mosquito nets) are becoming increasingly popular item on the market. They are installed to protect against insects and reptiles that can enter your home. Unlike chemical agents, insect screens represent a better type of protection against insects, without harmful effects on human health and the environment.


The screens are made of non-flammable polyester material. The edges of the screen are protected with special brushes that prevent its damage. The guides and the box of the insect screen are made of plasticized aluminum in several colors. Manufacturing and installation is performed according to the required dimensions. A special mechanism enables even lifting and lowering of the screen, whereby it is reeled on a spring. They are very resistant to all weather conditions and easy to maintain.

Plise insect screens

On hot summer days, when going out on the terrace or balcony, we often leave the door open behind, leaving the possibility for mosquitoes and other insects to enter our home. Insect screens are a much more suitable mean of defense against these unwanted guests than various chemical agents. We especially highlight the plise insect screens, intended for balcony and front doors. They allow us not to close the door behind us and thus allow fresh air to enter on pleasant summer evenings, while being protected from various insects.