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The entrance door of laminated wood with aluminium cladding and biometric fingerprint reader

Fagus house entrance door made of the combination of wood and aluminium are designed to meet the aesthetic demands of architecture. Aluminium cladding is installed on the outside of the door while the inside is made of the wood. It is an ideal choice for all environments with style, without sacrificing the benefits of heat that can be provided only by wood. Wood/aluminium entrance door allows comfortable access thanks to the biometric fingerprint recognition or a keypad with a PIN code. It is especially suitable for the main and side entrances in buildings with multiple users, families with children, hospitals and law firms. Thanks to the biometric or numerical access control, the locking of door and impossibility of entering is prevented. Self-locking system provides a high level of security.

Technical details
Material: oak + aluminium cladding
Frame: 93x83.5 mm solid wood + aluminium cladding
Wing: solid oak, thickness of 68mm + aluminium cladding
Sealing: EPDM
Colour: colour of aluminium covering RAL 7016, colour of veneer clear varnish,
Hardware: GU Secury automatic Vd - Class A, the fingerprint,
three-point locking, optional five-point locking, 4 connectors OTLAV o20 mm
Silicone: neutral
Thickness: 83.5 mm


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