Glass Insulating glass - S1 TermopanS Ug = 2.7 W/m2KRW = 30 dBIZO 4/16/4 = 24 mmLight transmission 81%g-value 77% Insulating glass - S2 TermopanS 1 Ug = 1.1 W/m2KRW…

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Wood Wood Laminated wood windows and doors Wood is not just one of the most resistant, elegant and functional materials that nature offers to meet our needs. Its surface, color…

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Muntins Type 1 Wooden muntin that divides the glass into several parts. Type 2 Muntin with metal strip - muntin glued on both sides of the glass, a metal strip…

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Surface treatment

Surface treatment Wood windows and doors Fagus haus wood windows are protected by water-based ECO lacquers. Depending on the line, the products are treated with biocidal protection, inter-layer and lacquer…

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Drip profile

Drip profile In the lower part of the frame and leaf there is aluminum anodized Softline drip with end cap, which provides additional protection of the windows against atmospheric impacts.

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